Déjà vu

Danish director Jon Bang Carlsen starts this film with a thought, that a photographer is present in every shot he takes – as a reflection of his own motif. Looking at the reacurring themes and motifs of his own films Carslen constructs a philosofical autobiographical story about his attempts to understand his father, religion and himself. Carlsen admits, that all his life, in film after film he tried to find a way to repair the damage he has experienced. This film is a condensed version of his quest to find  new ways to look at life.

 Jon Bang Carlsen
Best known for his radical approach to the staging of documentaries, Jon Bang Carlsen has played a prominent role on the Danish film scene since about 1980, and remains one of Denmark’s most innovative documentarists, with a number of feature films behind him as well. The director’s signature hybrid style combines documentary and fictional interpretations, and many of his documentaries are visually and symbolically powerful, often staged portraits of marginal figures and milieus.

Selected filmography

Just the Right Amount of Violence / I kærlighedens navn, 2013
In the Name of Love / In namen der Liebe, 2012
Blind Angels/ Blinde engle, 2007
Portrait of God / Portræt af gud, 2002
Life Will Be Lived: Letters from a Mother / Livet vil leves... breve fra en mor, 1993
Next Stop Paradise / Næste stop paradis, 1980

Film sessions

09.25 Sunday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 18:40

09.29 Thursday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 21:20


Director: Jon Bang Carlsen
Screenplay: Jon Bang Carlsen
Cinematography: Jon Bang Carlsen
Editing: Molly Stensgaard
Sound: Henrik Langkilde
Producers: Jon Bang Carlsen, Marianne Christensen
Production: C&C Productions
Denmark, 2015, 85’