Lucky Year

23-year-old Laima with her two kids and a husband lives beside a noisy highway, and tries hard to create harmoniuos and beautiful life for her family. 2012, the year of London Olympic Games, were lucky for Laima, maybe even as lucky as to finally bring her a promised happiness. The film turns its gaze on people whose severe and fragile is off little concern to others.

Rimantas Gruodis

Soon after graduating from school, Rimantas Gruodis started working at the Lithuanian Film Studio as a cameraman’s assistant, and later as a director’s assistant on feature films as well as an editor and a director of newsreels and documentaries. All his life was related with film in one way or another – as a child he dubbed films and acted in numerous television and radio plays. Since 1992 he has been an independent film director, producer and cameraman. In 1994 founded film production company Periferija. His films have been shown at international film festivals. Libraries and museums in Denmark, Germany, France and the US have his films in their collections. A member of the Lithuanian Filmmakers Union.

Selected Filmography

The River / Upė (2009)
The Milky Way / Pieno kelias – Paukščių takas (2008)
The Tiny Birds of God / Dievo paukšteliai (2005)
The Scarecrow / Kaliausė (2002)
The Territory / Teritorija (1999)
A Farewell to Sorrow / Lik sveikas, liūdesy (1996)
And then Likondo Was Created / ... ir tada sukūrė Likondą (1978) 


Director: Rimantas Gruodis
Scriptauthors: Julija Gruodienė, Rimantas Gruodis
Cinematography: Viktoras Radajevas
Music: Jorigė Jurgutytė, Karolina Nadzeikaitė
Sound: Vidmantas Kazlauskas
Editing: Kostas Radlinskas
Producer: Rimantas Gruodis
Production: Periferija
Lithuania, 2013, 28 min.